2011 NerdCon Tabletop Games

This is the player preregistration signup for the NerdCon tabletop games!  Sessions will run in the Tabletop Room (Rhododendron) during two time slots: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  There is also a demo game, open to all comers, of a card-based RPG called Untold running from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Preregistration signup ends Friday at 12:00 pm (noon)! 

There will be signups at NerdCon itself for walk-ins and newcomers from 10:00 to 11:00, also located in the Tabletop Room. On a related note, dice will be sold by Plan 9 in the Vendor Room.

Click here to sign up to play a tabletop game during NerdCon!

11:00 am to 3:00 pm Sessions

Table 1: Beer, and Look at the Size of That!
Game System: DnD 3.5
Setting: Original setting
DM: Shay Cichocki
Players: 2-6. No experience needed, prefer people who have never played or played very little. I will provide pregens.
Description: Starting in the town of Kokenheim, a village on the edge of the Ranholt forest, you become aware that everything isn't always what it seems to be, and there you will discover many secrets.

Table 2: Untold
System: Untold, card-based RPG
GM: Raulston Hunsinger
Description: Untold is a new card-based RPG game focused on fast and furious play! You can find out more at http://untoldthegame.com/about

Table 3: For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls
Game System: Savage Worlds
Setting: Modern Mythic Supers
GM/Author: Joel Kinstle, VP for Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Players: 2-6, no experience needed, pre-gen characters provided.
Description: The world is our own, and the time is now. You've all come to the wedding of Zeke Montis and Leolani Ahikaikamahine. Zeke, the aging surfer of vast mysterious wealth, met most of you later in life as your natural father. Today, at this small and happy gathering of family and friends, you may find out more than you ever wanted to know. For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls uses the award-winning Savage Worlds system and the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.

Table 4: Of Shadows Yet to Come
System: Storyteller
Setting: Earth, modern day
DM: Ben Allred
Players: 6, all pregenerated
Description: In the world of Scion, the gods of old are alive and well. Locked in a battle with the evil Titans, the gods know that they are fated to die and have retreated into their respective heavens in order to keep themselves from being bound by fate. However, the Scions, offspring of the gods, fight on in the mortal world for their parents. Players take on the roles of six such children, each with from a different pantheon. Together, the players will find out just how much peril the world is in.

Table 5: GURPS Cabal
Game System: GURPS 4th ed
Setting: Constantinople, Historic Fantasy
GM: Zach Joyner
Players: 6 players max, 1-3 pregens available. Experienced players preferred. Create characters from GURPS 4th edition, with some advantages from GURPS Cabal. 300 points with a disadvantage limit of 100 points. No wildcard skills.
Adventure: The scenario is at the fall of Constantinople, which is at the beginning of Tech Level 4. The PCs are trying to evacuate important people and items from the Cabal bases of operation within the city before the Djinni-backed invaders take it. This needs to be done without allowing local authorities to discover the existence of magic. Players should have character sheets ready to go in advance.

Table 6: It's Not Easy Being Right
System: Savage Worlds
Setting: Post-Medieval Political Fantasy
DM: Calvin Thompson
Players: 4-6, all pregenerated
Description: When an oni bow-slinger turned Imperial necromancer riddles Vawn's residents with arrows and flees town, it is up to the Nacarajites, the anarchist freedom-fighters, to track down this traitor and keep him from bringing his knowledge of the Nacarajite movement to the Emperor of the mighty Gronman Empire.

4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Sessions

Table 6:  The Body Trail
Game System: Savage Worlds
Setting: Rippers
Author/GM: Joel Kinstle, VP for Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Players: 2-6, no experience needed, pre-gen characters provided
Description: Moving a body certainly doesn't sound fraught with peril, does it? But this is Rippers, where creatures stalk the Victorian fog and only the brave or desperatelike youoffer any resistance. Aside from the things that go bump in the night, don't forget the simple joys of cadaver-starved medical students or basic highwaymen after the very brass on your coach. There is nowhere safe in this world unless you make it so. Rippers uses the award-winning Savage Worlds system.

Table 3: Something lawful? this way comes
System: DnD 3.5
Setting: Original setting, arctic
Players: 6 max, 2 to pregens provided
Description: When the reigning ruler of the Taigarka kingdom is assassinated, the region is plunged into chaos. It is up to the players to decide what to do in her absence.



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