2011 Cake Buffet

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Thursday, September 29
Blue Ridge Ballroom, 2nd floor of Plemmons Student Union

What is a cake buffet? It's just like a regular buffet, but with cake. And no, it's not a lie.

Basically, anyone can bring cake (and the more cake people bring, the more cake people can eat). We will divide each cake into little pieces and people can just go around at eat whatever they want!

This will be a FREE event!

And that's not all... Each cake can be entered into our cake competition! There will be four categories with a bonus round. The winners will receive an awesome nerdy apron and baking accessories.

Ground rules:

  • Cakes must be pre-registered to enter the competition.
  • Your cake MUST be in the room by 7:30 pm to be judged.  You can still bring cake after that, it just won't be able to be judged for the competition.
  • Cakes must be made with primarily edible ingredients.
  • You MUST provide an ingredients list when you submit your cake. This is for safety reasons and helps out people with food allergies!
  • All winners, with the exception of "Largest Cake" will be determined by popular vote.

The categories will be:

  1. Nerdiest Cake-This cake will be decorated or constructed in such a way that exhibits nerd pride.
  2. Biggest Cake- exactly how it sounds. Your cake must be structurally sound (no random support beams). We will judge based on the area of the top of the cake. If you have tiers, we will add up the areas of each level. The winner will be determined by careful measurement.
  3. Om Nom Nom Cake- The yummiest cake! Pretty self explanatory.
  4. TASTE THE RAINBOW- The most colorful cake!  Make a cake that causes our eyes to bleed in order to win!
  5. Secret Ingredient: Graham crackers.  The best use of the secret ingredient of graham crackers will win this round!

    Best use of a box cake. Box cakes are kinda boring. But let's face it, we're college students, so sometimes it's the best we can do. The winner of this round will most creatively use box cake mix as their primary element of their cake batter.



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