2012 Cosplay Rules

The cosplay contest will be split into a two parts. The first will be a masquerade in which each contestant will present the costume itself. The second half will be a skit contest for the cosplayers to perform short sketches or acts including, but not limited to: singing, dancing, re-enactments, and character-related comedy routines.

The contests will be limited to 20 entries. Due to the entry limit, contestants will only be allowed to register into masquerade OR skit, not both. Contestants will be allowed to register in pairs or groups. Registration time is TBA.

A panel of judges will award prizes once after the masquerade portion of the contest and once again after the skit portion. For each half of the contest, participants will be judged as a single group, and four prizes will be given accordingly.

The categories are:

-best construction effort (Who put epic free time into his/her costume?)
-most accurate (Sometimes the most accurate is the most simple.)
-best genderbend (Who says Link has to be a man?)
-lulziest (Be clever or just stupid.)

-best acting or singing (Show us your chops.)
-best choreography or stunt work (Who said cats dont dance, anyway?)
-lulziest (Just dont get hurt.)
-best use of props/music (It doesnt have to be all about the actors.)


  1. Presentations and skits are limited to two minutes. All entrants must be clear of the stage by the end of the time limit or face disqualification.
  2. Each participant may perform in no more than one skit.
  3. No nudity will be tolerated. Keep it rated PG. NerdCon representatives reserve the right to request modification of costumes to keep with the family-friendly theme of the convention. Clothing must cover at least as much as a modest swim suit.
  4. Audio tracks must be provided on a labeled and burned AUDIO format CD, which contains only the files needed to be played, in their exact order. Make sure to test your audio tracks in a standard CD player before performing at the con. We cannot accept flash drives, iPods, etc. If you absolutely need your CD back after the contest, please see the judges table. CDs must be turned in at check-in the day of the con.
  5. No flashpots, explosive devices, liquids, or gels. Adherence to the Plemmons Student Union policies will be absolutely required. This means NO GLITTER!
  6. Props must be carried on and off the stage by the contestants or with one assistant, provided by the contestants.
  7. NerdCon may tape or photograph contest entries at its discretion. Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the entrants to allow Nerd Network/NerdCon to use their likeness/image, etc. in any current/future advertisement, promotion, or product.
  8. Please be polite. Show all performers respect. Keep your volume down while not performing.
  9. Please do not touch audience members while performing.
  10. Per university policy, absolutely no firearms are permitted on campus. In light of recent events, NerdCon asks attendees not to bring any replicas of weapons that may, from a distance, resemble a real firearm.
  11. Except during participation of the cosplay competition, we ask that attendees not conceal their entire face.
  12. Costumes must not be so large that they block walkways.
  13. Shoes must be worn at all times, in accordance with Student Union guidelines.
  14. NerdCon and University staff reserve the right to ask attendees to modify or change their attire.



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