The Most Epic of Constitutions 


      The Nerd Network (aka the NN) 


To facilitate communication between Appalachian clubs and students that consider themselves nerdy (a nerd being defined as someone who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests) and to foster friendship and comradery among its members. 

Broad Objectives:

  • One club-sponsored event every month
  • Facilitate and publicize member generated activities
  • Develop social connections amongst Appalachian students
  • Have super amounts of fun!

Membership Requirements:

  • Anyone, provided they pay a fee of $10 per semester
  • Fifty percent plus one of the members must be students at ASU

Membership Responsibility:

  • The NN is devoted to the friendly interaction of its members in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Any behavior which counteracts this effort or is deemed inappropriate or offensive to the other club members will result first in a warning and then, if behavior continues, in expulsion from the club. An officer or member may move to expel a member under these circumstances and the club will vote on this decision, which will be determined by a majority; however, the member being expelled has the right to challenge this decision and argue his or her case in front of the club, at which time another vote will take place and the majority decision will be final.
  • Members are expected to pay their dues on time to the club Treasurer. Dues will be collected after each end of the first few meetings per semester and a photo will be taken of each paying member to include on his or her personal membership card.  Dues will no longer be taken after membership cards are printed and distributed.  Money collected from dues should be used in full to pay for events sponsored by the club, with a baseline amount of enough to keep the bank account open.

Officer Duties:

Officers are expected to facilitate communication within the club by engaging members in conversation during club events and recognizing members to the best of their ability.   

The treasurer and the president may co-sign checks


The president will function as a leader in the NN community.  He or she is to be present and on time for all monthly meetings (barring extenuating circumstances).  He or She must ensure that all club-sponsored events are pre-planned for the upcoming month and to be the principal planner of these events.  It is vital that the president delegate responsibilities appropriately among the officers. 


The vice-president will ensure that the president adheres to his/her duties and see that all official documents and forms are filled and submitted on time. They are to be aware of all events and activities planned by the club and to make certain all university policies are being followed. The vice-president primarily aids the president in the upkeep of the club and interaction with club members. 


The treasurer's duty is to balance and manage the budget.  If funds are needed for an event, the treasurer must be presented with a budget at least a week before any purchases are made.  After approval by the treasurer, a member may purchase the items listed on the budget for the amount they have been listed for.  The member will be reimbursed only the monies due according to the pre-approved budget and with the presentation of receipt of purchase. 

Event Coordinator:

The event coordinator is responsible for making sure each of the club’s events are properly planned and ready for execution.  He or she must make sure that all necessary space and equipment is prepared, the room is organized and/or decorated correctly, permission to view any copyrighted media is secured, and any other preparation is completed which will make events run smoothly.


The advertiser will publicize the club’s events, general meetings, and appearances at campus functions to ensure the most possible participation from our members and others in the community.  This officer will design and distribute flyers, reserve display cases and tables, coordinate mass emails, and plan and carry out any alternative methods of getting our news to the general populace.

Media Relations:

The media relations officer's duty is to catalogue NerdNetwork events for media purposes. He or she must attend all sanctioned events held by Nerd Network and photograph/video for record keeping purposes. By doing so, the Nerd Network will have exciting new material to show potential members and show case the events that we offer. With this, Nerd Network looks to expand our member growth and community outreach.


Officer elections will occur at the end of fall semester each year. The elected officers for the next year will shadow the current officers during spring semester and take office the next fall. Voting will take place at the last monthly meeting of the fall semester and will be decided by a majority of all members not running for office. Once a new officer is selected, the old officer is responsible for training and mentoring his or her successor.  Should an officer leave school or resign for any reason, the position will remain until the next election, in which case the most recently elected officer will fill the position. 

Removing officers from duty:

Three of the five officers or a majority of the club members may nominate an officer for removal.  Once nominated for removal, all officers and members may vote at the monthly meeting to decide to dismiss the officer. Over 50 percent of voting members is necessary for dismissal.   

Once the officer is removed from duty, a new officer must be voted into office before the next monthly meeting using the standard voting procedure outlined above. 

Focus Groups:

Focus groups can be formed ad hoc to attend to any particular interest or requirement of the club as needed.  These groups may form or disband as needed.

Role of Faculty Advisor:

The faculty advisor will help create connections with other Appalachian faculty members.  Additionally, the advisor would inform members of club-related classes, lectures, or departmental activities.  The faculty advisor would primarily be a resource for officers and to help maintain consistency throughout officer changes. Should the advisor choose to leave the club, it is the officers duty to find a replacement before the next club registration deadline. 

Meeting Procedure: 

Club meetings will begin with an icebreaker of the officers’ choice in order to create an inclusive atmosphere. After the icebreaker, the officers will inform the club members of upcoming events for the month and take suggestions for events for the following month. Officers are also expected to make the club members aware of any club activities made aware to them before the meeting. 

Standardized Meeting Time:

Meetings will occur roughly every other week of each month in the Student Union.  The specific time, date, and frequency of meetings for the next year will be determined near the end of the spring semester and rooms will be reserved shortly after. 


Any club member can propose an amendment to the constitution to be voted on by non-officer holding club members. A two-thirds majority is required for any amendment to pass and can be vetoed by a three-fifths vote from the officers.  


Changes to the constitution must be ratified by two-thirds of the voting members. 


All student organizations are subject to the policies and procedures of Appalachian State University and any governing body. 


Club Sponsored Event Guidelines:

The Nerd Network is responsible for sponsoring an event for every full month of the semester.  These events should be open and accessible to as many club members as possible.  In order to keep club sponsored events open to all members, no alcohol may be served at these events.  The NN will use funds gathered from dues to pay for these events and they will be free to all members.  However, should the club decide to hold an event requiring more money, the club may vote to sell tickets to an event. At least one event per year should be co-sponsored with or involve another club on campus.   

 Member-Generated Activity Guidelines:

Members of the NN may at any time decide to host activities.  While the officers and advisor of the club may act as a resource for advice about these activities, the host members are entirely responsible for the activity.  The NN shall not fund any of these activities, though it will assist in publicizing through the club (i.e. messages through a listserv, website, Facebook, etc).

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Nerd Network is an open club, which promotes diversity among its members.  The club will not deny membership or participation to any interested party based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other.




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