Come join us for our completely free March event, Escape!

Escape is a scavenger hunt / chose your own adventure-like game where you use clues obtained at various locations around campus to find six "keys" needed to end the game. The first three to bring their keys to the final post will receive prizes! 

Each location will consist of a Nerd Network member and multiple "actions" that can be performed. These actions will reward you for your adventurous spirit while others may impede you or reveal pieces to the story.

Journey! Adventure across the Appalachian State campus in a quest to obtain the six "keys" needed to escape, but be wary, this is no place to mess around as the risk of serious injury or even death may end your journey early (to your character, of course).

Solve! Take your problem solving skills to the test with numerous riddles, puzzles, and clues to advance the story and find out the mystery of your existence.

Escape! Take control of your character in a story that unveils with each location and with multiple endings to ensure a variety of different experiences.

The game will begin at the Old Belk building right next to the bell on March 23rd. Be there at 4pm for an explanation and a list of clues for each location. Show up in costume and we will reveal one location to you for free.

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