2010 Battle of the Rock Bands

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The Battle of the Rock Bands is co-sponsored with the ASU Gaming Club as a fundraiser for Child's Play Charity.  Because this is a charity event, we ask that everyone pay one dollar for the entrance fee.  If you would like to donate more, we will have donation jars available.  One hundred percent of the money received from Battle of the Rock Bands will go to Child's Play.

There will be two categories that bands may enter:  showmanship and score.  Bands may enter one category or the other, not both.

Registration starts at 5:30; the first seven bands to register will perform
Each band member will pay $5.00 to participate
Bring a set list of three songs with two alternates
You will be given 20 minutes to perform
We have a lot of the songs available, but if you have any questions, please e-mail Jessi at hustacejl@appstate.edu

Each band members final percentage will be averaged together to acquire a score.  Skill level bonus points will be added to each performers final percentage before averaging together. The bonus points are as follows: Easy +0, Medium +3, Hard +6, Expert +9 as well as a 0-6 bonus points based off of the songs difficulty rating which is noted in the menu screen (6 is for the devil horns difficulty).

Stage Presence Score Each band member will be judged a total possible 25 points each, for their movements and antics on stage, totaling a max possible 100 points for the whole band. 20 of these points (32 if Gold Starred) are decided by the bands in game Star Earnings (max 5 stars each with 8 points each being awarded for a Gold Star performance). The judge / judges will not be allowed to participate in the Battle of the Bands in order to prevent a biased score.



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